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Evgeniy Kaurov

Hi there. I am Evgeniy Kaurov, an independent designer with a great passion for graphic and motion design. Thanks to my experience in making special effects, 3D-animation, tricky visual images, and metaphors I am capable of realizing ambitious projects. I am able to gather a good team of various professionals: videographers, illustrators, sound designers, copywriters, and others in order to collaborate on tasks and succeed at interesting projects.

You can contact me via e-mail evkaurov@gmail.com or social networks (click on the links below).

An intro for video reports, part of the brand book designed by “ho!” branding agency.
Braindo is formed by the merger of two words: brain and taekwondo. It is the name of an intellectual game for office workers who reside in Khabarovsk (the Far East of Russia).

Client: ho! branding agency
Motion design: Evgeniy Kaurov
Sound design: Stanislav Manko
Design: Danil Volozhanin
Creative direction, copywriting and project management: Sergey Shishkin

Software: After Effects, Cinema 4d


Frame to frame intro for my friend’s project “Open Your Eyes” (vimeo.com/93898047).
Software: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4d.
Sound design by Stanislav Manko.

An abstract video which was made for some talented guys who are architects.

Client: studio of architecture and design RIM (rim-studio.com)
Motion design: Evgeniy Kaurov
Sound design: Stanislav Manko

3D objects was made in Cinema 4d R14. Comositing and post in After Effects CS5.
Plugins used: Transform by GreyScaleGorilla, Data Glitch.

Done! After one year I have finally made the video about our trip to Tokyo. Initially I planned a simple cut, but during the process I decided to make different funny stuff.

Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition 
Music: Motorama - Image